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Without a family, man, alone in the world, trembles with the cold.
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A mother is god in the eyes of her child.

toguidethechain: Takes off hat and shoes to kill you.

Well at least ya didn’t track dirt in.

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He hated when anyone called him by his real name. It ticked him a bit. “It’s Andrew, dear..” He reminded her in a soft voice. “That free time will come soon, I’m sure. I did tell you that I’m trying to get off early tonight, did I not?”image

"Ooh, I know you told me, and I’ll listen…. And I’m sorry, darling, I just like the way it rolls of the tongue…" She offered a sincerely apologetic smile, "I won’t slip up again…"

Her crimson heels clicked against tiled floor as she closed the long distance between them, approaching him to curl a single finger under his tie without completely rumpling the fabric, “I’ll leave you to your work, Andrew, I know how important it is…” she leaned in to press a gentle kiss to the corner of his lips, not hard enough to leave a smear of lipstick, before pulling away and relinquishing all contact.

"You know where to find me…" she curled her fingers in a small wave, giving him one last wink before turning to exit the man’s office.

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temptress-of-the-garden entered Eve’s Garden


"Talk about a poor impersonation! Sounds like one of us never went to those elocution classes Andrew ordered—just goes to show which one of us he pays attention to!"

"Well that’s just dumb, Andrew got those for me for my preforming, and I’m not being anything but myself right no— Which one? If he’s payin’ attention to both of us in any amount, I’d be a little more concerned about that…” She let out a rather frustrated sigh, placing a delicate hand over her eyes until she spoke again.

"Y’know some weird things go on in this city, but this’s gotta be the weirdest… There’s gotta be somethin’ wrong here, I’m not gonna stoop to arguin’ with a girl who looks like me…."


Sandy couldn’t help but laugh at the remark. “Thank you, I’m Sandy. And you are?” She rose a brow just before nodding her head to the left, towards the El Dorado Lounge. It was her favorite bar to go to since it was the first place anyone ever let her sing, not to mention they had an amazing bartender. “How about El Dorado Lounge? They have amazing cocktails there.”


"Oh they do, don’t they! I’m Jasmine, sug, pleasure to meet ya~" she held her arm out, as a man would to escort a lady, even offered a little wink. Maybe after so long in the entertainment business she couldn’t help the flirty nature as it seeped through, even towards another woman.

"First rounds on me, hm?" Jasmine flicked her wrist to push her silken blonde hair over her shoulder, and lead the way to the near by bar.

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"Ooh one’a Cohen’s boys. Can I help you, sugar~?"

Bringing his other hand up to slide around her waist, he pulls her tight against his body. “Mhhh, good to hear.” He leaned close, inhaling deeply and taking in her scent. How wonderful she smelled. A flower of temptation to a busy little worker bee.

"I can think of a number of things you could do to make me feel better. Depends on what’s on offer. A dance would be good. How about we start with that?"

"Ooh, I’d be more than happy to for a handsome fella like yourself," she let out a light chuckle, gently curling her hand around the one on her side to slip out of his grip.

She leaned far forward to get up, swinging one long leg around and twisting her body just so to make it one graceful movement. His hand remained in hers as she turned herself around, shoulders rocking in a fluid wave down her spine, then her hips. Her legs spread to be placed on either side of SIlas’ knees, but remain standing and put his hand back upon her hip.

"Comfortable, sugar~?"


"Yes, I understand… But patience, my dear, is a virtue." He told her with a raised brow. "Even though I wish I could, I can’t drop everything for you. Unless.. of course, you want us all to drown." He joked a bit with a shrug.

Jasmines painted lips pulled into a sort of pout, shrugging her shoulders up. It was playful though, a smirk hidden just behind her eyes when she looked up, “I know, it’s just so hard sometimes….. But I’m sure I can entertain myself until you get some free time, Andrei~ wouldn’t wanna distract you and cause a flood.”

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